Covered area of house in Gurgaon

Huda / Hsvp has released the increase of total covered area. As per building code 2017, the total covered area on all.the floors shall be between 165% and 100%, depending on the size of the plot. However one can purchase additional FAR from Huda by paying fee to local authority. Which increase the total area from 198% to 180%.

Covered area in Huda Gurgaon

Covered area in Huda Gurgaon

Completion / occupation certificate in H...

One should first submit the application through Architect in Gurgaon. To get the completion certificate, the building should be complete and livable. The toilets and kitchen should be ready to use. After getting the completion one can apply for the sewar and electrical connection. For more details please see

Or contact at

Occupation completion in Huda gurgaon

Occupation completion in Huda gurgaon

Construction Material Rates in Gurgaon

Construction Material Rates in Gurgaon

Building Material Rates in Gurgaon
Item         Unit        Rate
Cement -ultratech Bag 290/-
Crasher -Super Cubic Ft 38/-
Crasher-1st Cubic Ft 34/-
Crasher-2nd Cubic Ft 30/-
Crasher-3rd Cubic Ft 25/-
Aggregate-20 mm-1st Cubic Ft 33/-
Aggregate-20 mm-2nd Cubic Ft 28/-
Aggregate-20 mm-3rd Cubic Ft 24/-
Yamuna Sand -Palwal Cubic Ft 28/-
Yamuna Sand Sonepat Cubic Ft 32/-
Bricks -1st class UP 1000 4800
Bricks-1st Haryana 1000 4500
Bricks-2nd class UP 1000 4300
Bricks-2nd Haryana 1000 4000
Bricks-3rd class UP 1000 3800
Bricks-3rd Haryana 1000 3500

Rates may Vary from Time to Time for latest detail Contact

House architecture in Gurgaon

House architecture in Gurgaon.  A must to do while designing house:

house architecture in Gurgaon

house architecture

1. Use of state of art modern material by architects Gurgaon. very durable and less maintenance.

2. Use of straight lines in elevation. Maintenance is less.

3. Home automation and security. Thats very useful.

4. Centralized air conditioning. Creates very comfortable environment in hot Gurgaon.

5. Landscaping is another tool. This adds a ambiance to space also very healthy.

6. Design a unique form of the overall elevation. looks beautiful.

7. Large but secure windows. Natural light gives feeling of openness.

8. Architects can use indirect lighting fixtures. Removes glare.

How to incorporate in design while planning, see link.

The above written things and much more other important things can keep the house alive and a living thing. This helps in psychological comfort and also other health benefits. The best ways to keep these things incorporate one by one to optimize the design according to the current and future requirements. Architects can play a important role in this. Gurgaon has a different living culture and this should be addressed in the  house design.

We will discuss more in our coming blogs which are coming in next few days. The next  topics we will covers are vasstu, local authorities bye laws, height, floor area, cost, construction methodologies and techniques.


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