Increase in area and FAR in HUDA Gurgaon 2016

Increase in area and FAR in HUDA Gurgaon 2016

Huda increased the Far and details can be seen at

HUDA may increase the FAR in Gurgaon. FAR mean the floor area ratio ie. the ratio of total covered area to the plot area. That will across all categories of residential and commercial plots in Gurgaon. Various architects in Gurgaon confirms that haryana urban development authority might increase the FAR. Right now FAR in HUDA residential sector starts from 1.20 to 1.65. That may increase to 2.0 in various residential categeries in 2016. However the ground coverage may be same. Gurgaon which is in NCR and a hub for corporates required that FAR incease since long time. Right now the FAR in Gurgaon is way below the other NCR areas. According to sources the FAR will be under purchase policy, which means the increased area will have to be purchased from HUDA and owners need to deposit fee for that.  Although there is no information regarding the notification untill last information. For details send coment or see

increa area FAR Gurgaon 2016
Increase FAR in Gurgaon HUDA


Sk 17/02/2016

What about the already builtup buildings?

Administrator 17/02/2016

This will apply on both new and old buildings..

Preeti Yadav 16/03/2016

Do you have any idea when this policy of FAR increase will come . I have to file completion for my newly constructed house . In case this is planned in near future I can wait for some time

Administrator 16/03/2016

The increase in FAR is yet not notified in the HUDA policy. That may take time. Its nor worth Waiting for completion to, As this policy will cover the already built up house and vacant plots. Also for that extra area, HUDA will charge a amount, which might be worth paying for that area.

Sachin Goel 25/03/2016

Hi, I have to construct house in Huda sector . As you mentioned in your post ,I have also heard about the increase of FAR area to 2.0 for Huda plots .
So i am waiting for submission of map approval plan for constructing the house .Any Approx. idea how much time it can take and should I wait for the new guidelines

# As of now according to rough estimate according to FAR 1.45 we can construct 60% on GF ,55% on 1st floor ,30% on 2nd floor.
If this rule of FAR equals to 2.0 comes into picture , then we can construct around 66% on all the 3 floors , Am i right with this understanding ?

# If i submit the map according to FAR =1.45 and start constructing according to that . In between if this rule of FAR=2.0 comes before the completion certificate of
my house. Does this rule of increased area would be applicable to me also . If applicable , do I have to submit an revised MAP plan in the Huda office to construct on
the extra area on first floor & 2nd floor for getting the completion certificate . or what would be the procedure to get the benefit of increased area

#As you mentioned in your post , we have to purchase this extra area from the HUDA . Any rough idea how much Huda is going to charge for per square feet .


I have got approved map as per 1.45 FAR, But construction not yet started.
After increase, probably, it would 66% on each floor. I am waiting last 2 months for this. Can you please suggest me, what to do in this case?

manoj kumar 08/04/2016

How much will the far(maximum) for 488 yards plot

Naveen 27/04/2016

Dear sir,

I have a builder 2nd floor in Ansal API Esencia, sector 67, which has ground floor with basement, first floor and second floor with roof. I have second floor with roof constructions rights in my builder buyer agreement.

Earlier, when i contacted HUDA office to make the third floor, they told me that right now its not permissible, now can you please tell me that with this FAR Increase, can i Start the third floor construction or any other matter is still pending.

Please help me in this issue.



vikas 09/05/2016

Does increase in FAR to 2 for 10 marla plot in gurgaon imply that the fourth floor can now be built?

Vijay seksaria 13/05/2016

Already passed as 1 St 60% IInd 60% & remaining for 3 Rd floor but buitup as same in 1 St 2 nd, now what I can do.

Administrator 17/05/2016

Please wait till the concerned authority implement it.

Administrator 17/05/2016

Height increase is not mentioned in letter.

Administrator 17/05/2016

Height increase in not mentioned in Letter. Wait for more information.

Administrator 17/05/2016

With new policy the 1 canal plot will have a FAR of 1.8.

Administrator 17/05/2016

Please wait for some more time. It will be worth. As HUDA is in the process of the implementing the GOVT. order of increased area. Now you can have 66% coverage on each floor.

Administrator 17/05/2016

Wait for more clarity on this.

Administrator 17/05/2016

New policy has come.

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